How do I hang?

Hints & Tips for hanging

The biggest tip of all: Although hanging our wallpaper can be carried out by well seasoned home decorators, we do advise you use a professional.

Before hanging, check through the materials to ensure there is no issue with the glitter. We cannot accept refunds or complaints against materials which have been processed in any way. If you do find an issue, please contact us at and please include a picture of the problem so we can better assist your claim.

We recommend that you only use our Glitter Adhesive when hanging our products – click here for more information and to purchase. This adhesive is made specifically for our fabric-backed glitter wallpaper and the viscosity or consistency should not be changed. Please also ensure good ventilation when using the adhesive.

Once you have checked the materials, it’s time to prepare the wall for hanging. Please ensure the wall you wish to cover is clean and without holes or any loose dirt. All Existing wallpaper is removed and is uniform in colour. We recommend coating the wall with stain blocker, especially on lighter colours. 

Check the wall for hot water pipes. Poorly insulated pipes can cause discolouring to our materials.

Once everything is ready, coat the wall evenly with the glitter adhesive using a pile roller and a brush for edging. Leave this to dry until the adhesive has a good tack. Please ensure the adhesive does not have contact with the glitter side of the material.

For the best results, we believe you should arrange approx. 2.5 ~ 3 metres per hang, based on the average wall size. Roll this length out ensuring again that there is no issue with the product.

ALWAYS HANG THE GLITTER IN THE SAME DIRECTION. Not doing so can cause a slight shade change. This is a common mistake and can be costly.

Hang straight on the wall overlapping at the top and bottom by approx 4-5cm. When you are happy with the hang, leave for approx. one hour. You can hang the next length during this time.

Prepare the next length, butting the material up again the last length until you can see little to no seam in the materials. 

Once the lengths are dry, (approx one hour), you can now trim the top and bottoms with a sharp knife.

Continue this process until the room is finished.