About Us

Glitter Walls UK is an established Glitter wallpaper manufacturer, created to provide the best UK manufactured glitter wallcoverings for home and business.



Our great team has over 100 years combined experience of working with textiles with a passion for luxury and decadent products. Glitter manufacturing has been a long standing product for us with more and more requirement for use as a wallpaper. 


After some product research, we found how we could make our chunky glitter fabric into an amazing wallpaper. Unlike the other guys, we decided to offer edge to edge glitter on our wallpaper to make our customers lives easier on installation. You can learn more about that here.


Our UK manufactured glitter wallcovering is the best. No question, it’s just amazing and is unmistakable when compared to the Chinese materials currently being offered. We use premium materials and unique processes with a long and close relationship with our UK suppliers, who also pride themselves on creating the best products.


Don’t believe us? Try our low cost samples of all our products with free delivery so you can see just how gorgeous the material is.